Students are required to maintain an overall grade-point average of 3.40 in major coursework. honors

Students must successfully complete at least 12 credits of coursework in the following courses:

  • NR 527H Forest Ecology
  • NR 602H Natural Resources and Environmental Policy
  • NR 643H Economics of Forestry
  • NR 729H Silviculture
  • NR 749H Forest Inventory and Modeling

These courses will involve additional readings, writing assignments and tutorial meetings beyond those required for non-honors sections.

Students must successfully complete

  • NR 799 Honors/Senior Thesis (4 cr.).

This requirement involves conducting an independent research project under the direction and guidance of a Forestry faculty member. This requirement will include a public presentation of the research and a written thesis accepted by the faculty advisor and program coordinator.

Program Liaison
Theodore E. Howard
(603) 862-2700